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Eric Gluch

Eric serves a wide range of clients with locating and purchasing or renting real estate in Israel. Eric passionately believes in Israeli real estate, as a Zionist and on the basis of sound investment criteria. He believes that the supply and demand dynamics will keep Israeli real estate performing as one of the world’s top real estate locations.Eric previously worked as a lawyer in his native South Africa, and Israel. He became involved in real estate in response to requests from family and friends abroad, asking him to find them properties in Israel.

+972 (0)54 595-0600
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Nicole Gluch

Nicole believes buying a property should be an exciting, fun experience, and should reflect a positive new beginning that goes with a new home. Nicole did a Masters in Fine Art and Design, and has always been focused on what is pleasing to the eye and mind, so as to find that which is harmonious and qualitative.

+972 (0)54-524-4777
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